Tuesday, 1 January 2013


“What is the difference between a karat of gold and a carat of diamond?” This question is always on the mind of many Jewelery buyers. Potential buyers are often unable to remember the difference due to confusing nature of the term in terms of its pronunciation. The difference between a karat and a carat is pretty simple but often hard to remember. A karat is a unit measure of the level of purity of a metal, especially Gold whereas, a carat measures the weight of a precious stone, especially Diamond.
Gold is a metal which cannot survive as a piece of jewelry as it will quickly get deformed and scratched. Therefore, jewelry makers in order to solidify the metal mix some harder metal to the gold. Karat is necessary for metals such as Gold simply because the nature of the metal means it must be made into an alloy.  Karat helps buyers to determine the level of gold in the mixture. The karat usually determines the price of the gold piece. A gold piece labeled 10K, the lowest purity gold piece can be, means it contains less than half of gold and more than half of other metal, and is the cheapest among other karat gold. A 12K gold piece is made of half gold and half another metal, which makes it relative more expensive than 10K gold. The most common purity level is the 18K gold piece which is relatively more expensive than any other karat of gold besides the 22K gold piece.

The term used to measure the weight of a precious stone is called a carat. A carat belongs to the metric system and is one fifth of a gram, so if you buy a precious stone weighing one gram that means its equivalent of five carats. If you see in your diamond grading laboratory report the term carat being used it means it is referring to the weight of the precious stone, especially diamond. A Diamond grading laboratory can help you ascertain the correct carat weight of your diamond piece. Where the term karat is mostly responsible for the value of a precious metal, a carat is only one of the major factors affecting the value of the precious stone, especially in the case of diamonds.
It is important to be sure of the carat weight of one’s diamond as it can be a major factor in determining its value; there several diamond grading institutes in Delhi, India which can help do this job for you at very affordable cost. A diamond grading institute in Delhi, India can provide a very short term course to teach you the basic knowledge about diamonds, which will help you and make you a better buyer, the next time you go shopping for a diamond.

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