Friday, 25 January 2013


Birthstones are basically gemstones, that are considered to hold mystical and cosmic energy and can prove to be very beneficial for an individual if they are worn as per the month you their birth. The birthstone prescribed to you will depend upon the tradition you choose that is, Gregorian, and Vedic. The former assigns stones based on the month you are born while the latter on the basis of your sun sign. Birthstone knowledge is very prior to buying your birthstone, birthstone knowledge will make you properly equipped to ask the right questions. Below we will discuss about monthly birthstones and try to provide some brief guidance on the subject of monthly birthstones.

Garnet the birthstone for those born in January is a symbol faith, consistency and virtue and these are the traits that the gem passes onto the wearer. Amethyst the birthstone for those born in February is a stone of sobriety and sincerity and is known to be very powerful in keeping evil away. Aquamarine, the stone of the sea is the birthstone of those born in March and imparts qualities such as friendship, trust, sympathy and harmony. Diamond, the King of all gems, is the birthstone for people born in April and it is known as a symbol of true love, purity and innocence, it is also known to be worn by winners. Next comes, Emerald the stone favorite of the Ancients, is the birthstone of those born in May. The wearers of this stone are gifted with qualities of Clairvoyance and intuitiveness.

For those born in June Pearl is their birthstone; this gem from the depths of the ocean is synonymous with love, wealth, prosperity and happiness. Ruby is the identified birthstone for people born in July; Rubies are a symbol of peace, prosperity and wealth. They are also a symbol of romance and passion. The birthstone for those born in August is Peridot, is known to enhance the power and influence of its wearer and its consumption is known to heal Asthma. Sapphire is the birthstone for September, and provides qualities like clear thinking and wisdom. The birthstone of October is Opal, which comes in every color the planet has to offer, it is known to imbibe qualities like hope and harmony in its wearer. Topaz, is for November and provides long life, beauty, fidelity and joy to the wearer and last is Turquoise, the birthstone for December, it is known to bring luck and happiness along with courage. 

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