Friday, 25 January 2013


Diamond is a very precious possession for those who buy it; it is like an investment of a lifetime. The diamond is considered the most precious of all the gemstones due to its excellent colors, strength, mesmerizing beauty and luster. Purchasing a diamond is such an overwhelming task for some as the investment can run into lakhs of rupees. Therefore, it becomes very essential that you have prior knowledge about diamonds, their grading, the 4Cs and how to evaluate a diamond grading report and certification before you set out to buy a beautiful specimen of nature’s creativity.

The first very basic knowledge you have to have before entering a diamond jewellery showroom is about the 4Cs of Diamonds, they are Cut, Clarity, Color and Carat Weight. The Cut is probably the most difficult to understand as the brilliance of the diamond and its ability to reflect the seven colors depends on the cut. Next comes color, the more colorless the diamond the greater its value as it increases the diamond’s refractive ability. Clarity, diamonds do have some inner flaws and inclusions which can be reduced at the time of cutting, the lesser the visibility of the flaws greater the value of the diamond and finally comes Carat Weight which plays a major part in determining the price of the diamond.

Every jewellery showroom does have a diamond grading report and certification for every piece of diamond in their shop. These reports contain every detail regarding the cut, clarity, color and weight of the diamond and other crucial information that can affect your buying decision. In order to be completely adept in reading and understanding a diamond grading report and certification you can enroll yourself in a week long course about the essentials of diamonds at the International Gemological Laboratories and Institute.

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