Friday, 11 January 2013


“Great dreamers grow to be independent, learning that they can make a difference all by themselves”
                                                                                                                                ~ Anonymous
Such is the story of a young Bangalore woman, who after getting all that someone else will feel envious about, abandoned everything to fulfill a dream, an inner love that was in the back of her mind since childhood. Benazir Muhammdunni (student at IGLI) left her stable, well-paying job at Infosys as a Business developer of 6 years to pursue jewelry designing and travel all around, about 5 years ago. She enrolled herself at a jewelry designing institute, Delhi, India for a certificate course of three months to study jewelry designing and sketching and a further nine days course in Costume jewelry.

Benazir Muhammdunni

Ask her and she tells you that jewelry designing was something she felt was meant to happen to her sooner or later. She is so skilled in her art that with the use of simple tools like scissors, some glue and pliers she can create some excellent and classic ear rings, rings and necklaces. Enrolling at a jewelry designing institute in Delhi, India helped her gain key insights and the technical know-how about jewelry designing.

She opened her own shop in Bangalore and launched her brand “Mood Swings Jewelery” to cater to the ever growing demand for her collections; she currently has four collections to offer to her clients, namely, Antic Collection, Rhapsody Collection, Terra Silva Collection and Eve’s Drop Collection. Her story is about not giving up and chasing your dreams until you achieve them and a Jewelery designing institute in Delhi, India gave her the solid foundation upon which she built her dreams through her determination, passion and independence. Jewellery designing institutes in Delhi, India offers many certificate courses for such people who want to make a career in jewelry designing. 

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