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For almost two millennia it was believed that Diamond was indeed the rarest of all the gems found on this god blessed planet of ours. Until one fine Tanzanian afternoon, a Masaai tribesman found a blue-violet crystal and showed his little discovery to Manuel de Souza a tailor by profession and prospector by passion, who was in the Mount Kilimanjaro region in search of Rubies. It was at first concluded that the stones were unusually vibrant sapphires, but later testing by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA), Harvard University, The British Museum and Heidelberg University identified it as a variant of mineral zoisite. Such is the story of the rarest of rare gemstone on Earth-The Tanzanite.

Tanzanite Gemstone

Blue Zoisite or Tanzanite Birthstone was discovered in the foothills of Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania. Tanzanite was given its commercial name by the Tiffany & Co. of New York in 1968 as part of its 175th anniversary celebration, the name is said to represent the stones country of birth Tanzania. Tanzanite is a gemstone that is beyond rare, its supply will last only another 30 years and as time passes its rarity keeps on increasing. It is found in only one place on Earth in the foothills of Mount Kilimanjaro and intense geological research has shown that its possibility of being found outside its current site of mining is one in a million. Therefore, its extent of rarity both geologically and geologically is thousand times more than that of Diamonds.

Blue Birthstone

This blue-violet stone is known for its remarkable trichroism that allows it to appear in three alternate colors of blue sapphire, violet and burgundy depending on crystal orientation. The world’s largest faceted tanzanite is 737.81 carats and one of the famous large tanzanite is the ‘Queen of Kilimanjaro’. Recently at the mines in Tanzania, a tanzanite weighing over 3.4 KG or 16, 839 carats was found. 



Birthstones are a class of some specific gemstones which are known to posses cosmic powers which allow them enhance the health and fortune of their wearer. Birthstones are Mystical stones which can heal the weakened and sick, enhance the prosperity of the wearer, save them from evil energies and provide them with favorable energy from the stars and planets.

Birth Stones

Gems be it birthstones in Delhi or some other kind are always precious; you put in your hard earned money into purchasing it and quite obviously expect it to deliver on its promises. When you buy a gemstone you expect it to be a long lasting investment and an authentic one. Therefore, it is very important that you keep in mind some guidelines before you enter the shop to buy birthstones for yourself. Caution is even more necessary in the case of birthstones as only authentic birthstones can work properly with your planetary alignment and it is of utmost importance that it be pure. Following are few pointers to help you in buying the right birthstone for yourself or your relative:

ü  Only go to a trusted and certified jewellery shop near you, check with your friends and family or the yellow pages before venturing into the shop.

ü  Know your birthstone; it is very essential to know in detail about your birthstone, the size and color. You can easily know about them from the internet without any cumbersome searching.

ü  Birthstones come in three forms-Natural, Genuine and Synthetic. Naturals come in the form they were found in with some polishing and cutting, genuine are real McCoy containing the chemical properties pertaining to the stone and last is synthetic, which is also very genuine but produced in the laboratory instead of in nature.

ü  Beware of imitation birthstone made of glass or plastic.

ü  Treated stones make low-quality stone appear high-quality, thus it is important to go to a trusted jeweler.
These guidelines should be adhered to while purchasing birthstones to get the best out of them for your benefit.

Birth Stones